Rainbow Tree Therapies Camps

The intention behind our camps is to honor the unique spirit of each child's development using the outdoors and nature as the natural premise for development. We also offer camps for parents and guardians.  ALL children are welcome! 

Camps for Children

    • Adapted Yoga Camp:   This camp is in the Spring on Sunday afternoons! Rainbow Tree is excited to host an adapted yoga camp instructed by Meg Nalenzy, Occupational Therapist with Gray Bird Yoga & Occupational Therapy.  This camp will be for youth ages 9-18 years of age and is designed for children who may require support to engage in yoga poses. 
    • Handwriting Camps:  Rainbow Tree has 3 camps geared toward supporting handwriting skills.  In the Spring, the focus is on lower case letters using a multi-sensory approach to learning the formation.  This is designed for 5-7 year olds and held after school typically on Mondays.  In the Summer, we host 2 camps with the first being Muscle Boost which supports overall strengthening and pre-writing skill required to become fluid writers (ages 3-5 years) and the second camp focuses on Upper Case Letters (ages 4-6 years).  These two camps can both be attended by a camper as they are back to back camps.  Research shows that handwriting supports all areas of academics and even in this day and age of technology, learning to write is essential for brain development! 
      • Rainbow Drumming Camp: Appropriate for children ages 7-12 years who can function within a group setting and tolerate the noise of drumming. Rainbow Tree’s Therapeutic Drum Circle  will bring children together to support community of learning together, brain and body development, leadership, confidence, self expression, finding joy in music and rhythm and experiencing a drum circle in a natural camp setting.  Private drumming sessions also available. During the summer months, we host full moon family drum circle nights where all are welcome.  
        • Pre-K Boost Up Camp: This camp is appropriate for ALL children ages 3 – 6 years. Activities include gross motor play on the outdoor natural playground, gardening, nature hunts and hikes, storytelling, music and dance, art, and sensory play. Skills supported: motor development, sensory integration, language & speech, social play, nature exploration and appreciation. Pre-academic skills woven in:  shapes, colors, counting, problem solving, sequencing, letter and number recognition.
        • Find Your Rhythm Camp: This camp is appropriate for children ages 5 – 9 years with mild delays in the motor coordination (gross & fine) and speech/language development but really open to any child who could benefit from a multi-sensory intensive experience that focuses on finding their internal rhythm to enhance speech, motor skills and self processing and self regulation awareness.  
        • Self-Care/Self Awareness Yoga In The Woods Camp: This camp is appropriate for children ages 7-12 and will intermix a yoga experience with learning tools to support sensory processing and self regulation.  This camp will incorporate meditation, mindfulness, healthy eating tips, breathing techniques, and other sensory tools to support increased awareness and a calm but alert body, mind, and spirit.  This class would be supportive of children who may be experiencing anxiety, hyperactivity, sensory sensitivity, self regulation challenges and/or low self esteem.

        Camps for Parents

          • Resiliency Parent Camp: Lisa Somerville, Health and Wellness Coach, will guide this camp for parents. This camp will either be held within the straw bale home at Rainbow Tree Therapies or in the newly erected enclosed gazebo space.