Rainbow Tree Therapies Camps

  • Therapeutic Nature Camps at Rainbow Tree are camps with developmental intention within a nature based setting.  
  • Camps are facilitated by professional staff and supported by high quality volunteers.  
  • The camps have therapeutic themes and intention based in neuroscience, evidence, and with therapeutic intention.  
  • We do value unstructured free play in nature and infuse that to a certain degree into the camps but our camps have added structure and learning points throughout.

Camps for Children


    1. Find Your Rhythm First Level - Ages 8-12.  All children welcome.  Focus is on supporting children with motor coordination, language development, and social emotional skills.  
    2. Find Your Rhythm Next Level - Ages 13-18.  Supporting youth with disabilities in social experiences (games, singing, dancing) and skills that are relevant to nature and animal care.  Guided by professionals tp ensure maximum independence and participation. 
      • Social Connection Camp-  SUMMER The age range is 8-12.  This is for girls and boys.  It fills quickly.  The focus on physical activity, peer relationships, and social skill development. 
      • Brain Boost Nature Play in the SUMMER for 3.5-7 year olds!  Guided play in nature to focus on all areas of development including social play.   Rich and intensive sensory and motor development to support brain development.
      • GIRLS ONLY: Self Awareness - All Girls Summer:   SUMMER   Holistic approach to mental health and wellness within a nature based setting.  This is not considered intensive treatment but rather wellness and teaching skills to support over wellbeing.  Supportive of those who may be experiencing anxiety, hyperactivity, sensory sensitivity, self regulation challenges and/or low self esteem.
      • Handwriting Enrichment:     Ages 4 and up.  Individualized. Focus options:  Learning letter formation or number formation, writing on a line, spacing between words.  This is not considered therapy.  Best suited for children who understand meaning of alphabet and know letters by name.



      ****Want information on Private OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY where your child will receive individualized support?  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE