Private Therapy - Individual

Process of Receiving Private Therapy at Rainbow Tree:

*** Please review ALL of the information below!

1.  Determine if your child would be a good fit.  Is your child between the ages of 3 and 12 and able to navigate the outdoors space with minimal physical support?  Does your child complain of things being too loud?  Is your child irritated by textures or certain sensations on the skin?  Does your child seem to hold it together and then fall apart at home?  Does your child exhibit difficulty and challenges in play or daily routines  or school tasks because of possible motor delays, sensory processing challenges, social emotional, or social skill challenges?  Does your child struggle with anxiety, attention, poor self esteem, poor stress management?   Does your child enjoy being outdoors?  If yes, then proceed to step 2.  If you are unsure, please contact Lisa Haverly for a free 15 minute consultation to determine appropriate fit.

We would be happy to direct you where to get quality therapy but this private therapy setting would not be appropriate for children who have:  1) Complex medical needs  2) Not yet or unable to walk un an uneven surface. 3) Significant developmental delay where safety of running away could be a concern.  4) May be better supported in a facility where the environment is more controlled.  5) Significant and overwhelming fear of being outdoors. 

 Contact Lisa Haverly at to setup a phone consultation time.  

2.  Understand that Rainbow Tree is a cash based business.  We do not accept insurance.  We would be happy to provide you a superbill that you could submit to insurance to seek reimbursement.  Rainbow Tree does not guarantee insurance reimbursement.   All fees for Rainbow Tree will be paid in advance or as determined by the payment plan.   Fee is $95 per session for on site at Rainbow Tree Therapy.  Private therapy at Private Preschool would be $120 per session. Sessions will be 50 minutes long with 5 additional minutes of conversation with parents as needed for follow through or updates.   For some,  you may find that our per session rate is comparable to the out of pocket expense/co-pay even with insurance.   If your child receives services through Medicaid through a county support program, you may inquire with your social worker for possible fee coverage.  Thank you for considering Rainbow Tree as you invest in your child's developmental needs!!!  

3. Complete Intake Forms.  CLICK HERE for forms.

4.  Schedule an evaluation/assessment time.  Per the medical license of Occupational Therapists, an evaluation is required to proceed with therapy.   Please allow up to one hour and 20 minutes for evaluation.  We would accept a recent evaluation completed by a Licensed Occupational Therapist within the past 9 months.  The fee for evaluation is $250 for on site evaluation at Rainbow Tree Therapies,LLC.   Payment will be collected at the time of the evaluation.  Contact Lisa Haverly at to set up an evaluation time.   The fee includes evaluation session, analysis and scoring of results, producing a written report, and sharing of evaluation findings. 

5.  The evaluation information will be shared with the caregiver over the phone.  The assessment findings and functional need will dictate whether therapy is recommended or not.   

6.  With the recommendation of your therapist, it will be determined if your child's needs would best be met individually or in a group setting.   

7.  In collaboration with the evaluating therapist, goals will be established and written to represent functional, meaningful and measurable goals.  Goals will be reviewed every 3 months to communicate progress to parents.  Progress documentation will be shared electronically.  

8.  Schedule sessions.  Group therapy sessions will be more of a set time whereas individual sessions will be worked more around your schedule as the parent or caregiver. 

9.  Payment will be collected by sending you an invoice.  Check payment is preferred but there will be an online option for payment.  There will be up to a 3% fee for online payment to cover credit card fees.  Payment for at minimum of 4 sessions at a time will be collected prior to services being delivered.  

10.  Referral discount!  If you refer someone to us, you will get one session at 25% off!   This can be used one time and not multiple times...though we do appreciate any referrals!

11.  Thank you for choosing Rainbow Tree!  We appreciate the opportunity to support you and your family!  We will begin accepting clients mid-September! 


    1.  How many sessions will be child required?  Sessions will be prescribed based on need and assessment results.   You can plan for a minimum of 12 sessions to facilitate change.   Therapy may come to an end once the child has reached the established goals and/or the parents request a break from therapy and/or the child has made no gains toward goals.   At Rainbow Tree, we see breaks from therapy as a positive thing and to see if skills learned are generalized into daily routines at home.  

    3.  What does therapy in the winter time look like or when there is severe weather?  Your child will be expected to dress for the weather.  Therapy can happen outdoors even in the winter.  Playing in the snow is wonderful heavy work.  We do have a heated building space that can also be utilized in the event of dangerous cold conditions or severe weather conditions.  The building space may be utilized for some skill development if needed.  To start there will be NO services provided during the month of December  and January unless scheduled separately with your therapist.    

    4. What is your cancellation policy?   If for some reason, you have to cancel a session the policy is as follows:  

    a) If cancellation is provided more than 24 hours in advance, then we will work with you to re-schedule.   If re-scheduling is not possible either due to scheduling conflict or because of a group session being set, then we will credit you half the session fee toward a future session.  

    b) If a therapist has to cancel for any reason, you will be rescheduled or reimbursed in full or credited the full session fee toward a future session.  

    c) Cancellation by you on the same day as your therapy session results in forfeit of the entire session fee.  

    d) If schools in the area are canceled due to weather conditions, session fee will be credited to future sessions and the session will be canceled for that day.