Private Therapy - Individual

The Rainbow Tree Advantage

Rainbow Tree strongly values partnership with the family and supporting children in natural environments including the natural playground and the home environment.  We work very closely with caregivers and at times will include you in the session when appropriate.  We value your opinion and will ask you to be heavily involved throughout the process of intervention.    We recognize that family dynamics can impact child function and thus may look at the entire family systems and use an approach that encourages support at the family level too. Rainbow Tree is an intimate setting with access to nature and animals.  We value natural landscapes for growth and development.   

*** Please review ALL of the information below!

  • Private Therapy is offered in 10 session packages.  We have a Fall package, Winter/Spring package and a Summer package.  Number of session for Summer can be 8-10 sessions as we know that Summer is busy. There is limited to no therapy sessions in December, January and May.  We have found that families really enjoy this time off.  
  • See the details of our packages below.  Please note that our fees reflect the in person and behind the scenes work that is done to ensure a high quality service is provided to your child.  We are committed to our continuation of learning to ensure that your child is getting evidence based intervention that equates to results!
  • This is nature based therapy where most of the therapy will occur outside with some therapy indoors if needed for success of child.  We value nature as a space where change is driven by the child in a natural space that invites curiosity, provides low stress and ignites motivation!
  • Our focus is to work heavily with you as the caregiver to ensure that we are supporting in your home environment.  You are a big part of the success of therapy.  Your carry-over and participation in the therapy process is critical and essential to success. 
  • Currently our service providers are Lisa Haverly and Brea Jennings, COTA/L who both are highly skilled therapists. 
  • Please email Lisa at if you desire a 15 minute FREE CONSULTATION to determine a good fit for therapy at Rainbow Tree Therapies.  

Is your child a good fit for Rainbow Tree?

  • Age 3.5-16 years
  • Able to navigate outdoors with minimal physical support
  • Decreased strength including postural strength 
  • Motor coordination and balance challenges - clumsy 
  • Sensory processing challenges (noises too loud, irritated by textures to the skin, poor awareness of body in space)
  • Has difficulty with dressing skills 
  • Difficulty drinking from a cup or using eating utensils
  • History of ear infections 
  • History of adoption 
  • History of trauma or adversity 
  • Anxiety 
  • Poor coping skills 
  • Difficulty with emotional regulation - frequent meltdowns
  • Poor stress management
  • Difficulty with sleep 
  • Messy handwriting or difficulty learning letter formation
  • Inefficient pencil grasp 

 If you are unsure, please contact Lisa Haverly for a free 15 minute consultation to determine appropriate fit.  Email Lisa at to schedule the call. 

Not a good fit at this time:

We would be happy to direct you where to get quality therapy but this private therapy setting would not be appropriate for children who have:  1) Complex medical needs  2) Mobility challenges which impact navigation of the outdoor space. 3) Flight risk where safety would be of concern.  4) May be better supported in a facility where the environment is more controlled.  5) Significant and overwhelming fear of being outdoors. 



"We sought out private therapy for our son at Rainbow Tree after years of sleep issues and challenges with emotional regulation that no longer seemed developmentally appropriate. Prior to our time at Rainbow Tree, it took our son an hour or more to fall asleep every night. He would have frequent meltdowns and seemed uncomfortable and anxious in his own body. Lisa is incredible. Our son immediately felt safe and seen at Rainbow Tree. The tools and resources Lisa has provided us are invaluable. We feel much more equipped to support our son through any challenges. After just a few weeks of the Safe and Sound Protocol, our son is beginning to feel safe enough to voice and work through his big feelings for the first time! He looks forward to his sessions with Lisa and truly feels at home on the grounds at Rainbow Tree. The natural playground is any child’s paradise and showcases the team’s ingenuity and dedication. We are so grateful for all Rainbow Tree has done for our family."


  • An evaluation must be scheduled prior to services starting.   Per the medical license of Occupational Therapists, an evaluation is required to proceed with therapy.   Please allow 90 minutes for evaluation.  We would accept a recent evaluation completed by a Licensed Occupational Therapist within the past 6 months.  The fee for evaluation is $200 for on site evaluation at Rainbow Tree Therapies,LLC.   Payment will be collected at the time of the evaluation.  

Contact Lisa Haverly at to set up an evaluation time.   The fee includes evaluation session, analysis and scoring of results, producing a written report, and sharing of evaluation findings. 

  • The evaluation information will be shared with the caregiver over the phone.  The assessment findings and functional need will dictate whether therapy is recommended or not.   
  • In collaboration with the evaluating therapist, goals will be established and written to represent functional, meaningful and measurable goals.  Goals will be reviewed after 12 sessions and progress note written and provided.  Progress documentation will be shared electronically or in person. 
  • Additional sessions may be recommended to continue to meet goals or to work toward new goals. 


Rainbow Tree is considered out of network and consequently does not accept insurance.  We would be happy to provide you a superbill that you could submit to insurance to seek reimbursement upon your request.  Rainbow Tree does not guarantee insurance reimbursement.  To determine if your insurance company will cover "out of network" services, you can call member services of your insurance carrier and ask the following questions:

What are my out-of-network healthcare benefits for occupational therapy services in an out-patient setting?” Take notes of the answers to the following questions:

  • Is pre-authorization required? (if applicable)
  • Co-payment? (if applicable)
  • Deductible? (if applicable)
  • Today’s accumulation for deductible? (if applicable)
  • Co-insurance? (if applicable)
  • Timely filing

If pre-authorization is required, ask the representative to get this started.  Next ask, “I have a Superbill, how do I submit?” Each healthcare company has various ways to submit a Superbill.

All fees for Rainbow Tree will be paid in advance or as determined by the payment plan.   Health Savings Account could also be a payment option. 

Payment will be collected by sending you an invoice prior to services beginning.  An online payment is an option for payment by check.  Payment for at minimum of 4 sessions at a time will be collected prior to services being delivered.

Why is it worth the investment?

  1. Knowledge is power. 
  2. Your child will thrive. 
  3. You as a parent will feel more confident and equipped!

Scheduling of Sessions

Rainbow Tree will work with you to schedule sessions after payment is made.  We will do our best to honor requested times but please know that the schedule of sessions is dictated by availability. FAQ's:

1.  Do you have supportive options OTHER than private therapy? 

Yes, we have group format therapeutic nature camps.  Please see our camp offerings for information or check the blog post for recent updates.  We also have coaching calls for caregivers to be collaborative problem solvers for the home environment.  Please note that an evaluation may be recommended and required to offer specific guidance. 

2. How many sessions will be child required?  

Sessions will be prescribed based on continued need and assessment results.   You can plan for a minimum of 10 sessions to facilitate change.  To optimize results, packages that include the most home involvement are most successful.  Therapy may come to an end once the child has reached the established goals and/or the parents request a break from therapy and/or the child's needs would be better met with a different type of professional.   At Rainbow Tree, we see breaks from therapy as a positive thing and to see if skills learned are generalized into daily routines at home. 

3.  What does therapy in the winter time look like or when there is severe weather?  

Your child will be expected to dress for the weather.  Therapy can happen outdoors even in the winter.  Playing in the snow is wonderful heavy work.  We do have a heated building space that can also be utilized in the event of dangerous cold conditions or severe weather conditions.  The building space may be utilized for some skill development if needed.  There are minimal services provided during the month of December  and January due to cold unless scheduled separately with your therapist. Summer time is reserved for camp offerings and private therapy sessions (often less sessions given Summer family season).

4. What is your cancellation policy?   If for some reason, you have to cancel a session the policy is as follows:  

  • If cancellation is provided more than 24 hours in advance, then we will work with you to re-schedule. 
  • If a therapist has to cancel for any reason, you will be rescheduled or reimbursed in full or credited the full session fee toward a future session.  
  • Cancellation by you on the same day as your therapy session results in forfeit of the entire session. 
  • If schools in the area are canceled due to weather conditions, session will be attempted to be made up but there is no refund due to weather conditions.  

5.  What are your payment options? 

Sessions are paid for up front.  Families have successfully used their Health Savings Account to pay for sessions.  Upon request, I can provide you with what's called a superbill that you could submit to insurance for possible reimbursement.  However, we cannot guarantee reimbursement.  A superbill is provided after sessions have been completed and paid for.  

6.  Who will service my child?

Rainbow Tree is a growing business.  For private therapy, your child will be working with a licensed Occupational Therapist hired by Rainbow Tree.  

7.  What happens if we can't get all of the session in within the seasonal time frame? 

Rainbow tree has a two week buffer period at the end of each package to support trying to get all sessions in.  This means that after 10 weeks if we have not been able to get all 10 session in due to advanced cancellation, weather, therapist cancellation, then we have two extra weeks to work with.  Unfortunately, if you have to cancel on the same day or you forget the therapy session, you do forfeit that session and it cannot be made up.  

Intensive Therapies Provided

Safe and Sound Protocol based on the Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges
Kawar Protocol 
Screen for visual efficiency and eye movement challenges 
The Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique (DPPT)