SEASONAL Retreats for Boys Only or Girls Only (for Summer camps see Self Awareness Camp)

Seasonal Opportunities 

All Girls - Winter 2020 Retreat

"Solid As A Rock" 


* This is designed for teen girls who may require support managing stress or anxiety or need a safe space to feel supported.  It would be important to have knowledge of the concept of stress as it relates to health. 

Campers will learn ways to be grounded in their bodies while equipping themselves with stress management techniques to manage their day to day lives.  Lives of teens/tweens can be stressful as they navigate friendships, manage social media, meet school demands, engage in extra-curricular activities, and explore who they are as individuals.  Rocks will symbolize grounding.  Campers will engage in meaningful hands on activities and develop a toolkit of stress management techniques.  This is an important camp for Tween and Teen Girls!  Join us!

Date:  Saturday March 14, 2020

Time:  10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

Age Range:  12-17

Fee:  $122

** We will need a minimum of 6 campers to host this camp.   The maximum number of campers is 12.  

All Girls - Social/Peer Group 

*This is designed for girls who may need direct instruction on social skills.  

Dates:  Thursdays 2/20, 2/27, 3/5, 3/12, and 3/19/2020

Time:    4:30-5:45 p.m. 

Age:      9-12 years Girls

Fee:      $139

Minimum Number of Campers:  4

Maximum Number:  8 

This will be a peer group for girls ages 9-12 years.  The focus will be on social relationships.  We will play games to enhance social engagement.   We may work on appropriate greetings and initiating a conversation.   Each session there will be a self affirmation that we will be used as our theme paired with an art activity.   The art activity may be utilizing nature to create art outdoors cooperatively or individually.  We will spend time outdoors for part of our time together.  Your child will gain skills in self awareness and navigating peer relationships.   This would be supportive of someone who may have mild to moderate learning challenges as well.  

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Fall Retreat 2019 for Boys & Girls

Mindfulness with Horses Retreat





Campers will have experiences with the horses. The first part is to learn how to establish a relationship with a horse, next to learn care for a horse and finally how to ride. This horse experience will mirror the other aspect of our focus which includes how to be grounded and aware of yourself as a person, how to engage in self care for yourself and others through practices of mindfulness, mindful movement, and kindness activities. We will play games to further support self regulation. Register soon as I anticipate this camp filling quickly. Michelle, Rachel and I are excited to support this camp!

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For summer camps for boys or girls only, see Self Awareness Camp.  Click HERE to go this page. 






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