Retreats for Boys

All Boys - Survive & Thrive Retreat

DATE:  Thursday July 27, 2023
TIME:   5:00 - 9:00 p.m. 
AGES:  8-13
Location: Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC

Contact Lisa with questions: 1-715-205-2703 or

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Social Skills through cooperative activities/games such as Camouflage Hide and Seek and Walkie/Talkie Search and Rescue. 

Emotional Skills we will introduce concepts like how do we take care of our heart and our emotions.  What are the survival skills needed for this?  We will talk about deep breathing, talk about big emotions and learning about where we might feel big feelings in our bodies.  

Fire Building Skills - We will also learn to safely build a fire to heat water or hot chocolate or tea.  

Physical Activity -  We will do a boot camp type obstacle course to move our bodies.  It will be minimally to moderately strenuous.  

No child is required to engage in any parts that do not feel comfortable.   





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