Fall & Winter Retreats for Boys Only or Girls Only (for Summer camps see Self Awareness Camp)

Winter Retreats 2019


FOCUS:  Connection * Kindness * Calm * Confidence.  The focus of the camp is for girls to engage in mind, body, spirit tools to increase positive self image and self esteem.  Campers will engage in activities that promote self expression and creativity along with showing kindness.  It is vital that young girls learn to believe in who they are and have self respect!   Campers will learn and engage in tools to manage emotion and stress.  This will include mindful movement practices, deep breathing, and meditation/mindfulness. 

AGE RANGE:  11-15

DATES:  Saturday February 9, 2019

TIME:  10-2 p.m. 

FEE:    $125

FOCUS:  Loving Kindness & Self Compassion

LOCATION:  Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC

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Date:  Saturday January 19 2019

Time:  10-noon

Fee:  $60

Age range:  8-14 

The focus of this camp will explore mindfulness and drumming as a tool to support self regulation.   We will introduce the concept of the Lion's Mind which introduces pausing before responding and checking in with yourself to determine how you should or want to respond in any given situation.  The lion's mind pauses and the dog's mind reacts without thinking.  Drumming will also be a focal point as rhythm and drum circles bring us together in connection with others. 

For summer camps for boys or girls only, see Self Awareness Camp.  Click HERE to go this page.