Handwriting Enrichment


Handwriting is a lifelong skill!  Research tells us that handwriting is important for brain and body development. 


 Age range:  4-5 year olds

Limited group size! Maximum of 4 children. Minimum of two campers needed to move forward with handwriting opportunity. 

Focus: Capital Letters; Name writing; Spatial Concepts, Strengthening, Fine Motor Skill Work; Lower case letters will be introduced as appropriate for first name of child.  

We will focus on three 3-4 letters each week along with learning letters of our first name.  We will progress from big motor activity to support core strength, smaller motor activity to support hand strengthening, multi-sensory learning of letters, and paper/pencil focus with a handwriting workbook.   Fee includes handwriting workbook. 


When:  7 Consecutive Weeks on Mondays 

Time:   12:30-1:30 p.m. 

Start Date:  October 2, 2023



Handwriting Enrichment 

Ages 4 and up 

Age can be flexible if the fit is appropriate – please email Lisa at rainbowtreeinfo@gmail.com to inquire.

Package of 9 SESSIONS (Summer packages are flexible given busy family schedules but a minimum of 6 sessions required).

FORMAT:  One on one 

Facilitated by an Occupational Therapist 

The camp format has moved to more intimate sessions to allow for more individualized focus.   Sessions are typically 1 or 2x/week.  

Pre and Post Informal Assessment Completed.  

Rainbow Tree uses a holistic sensory and brain based approach to teaching handwriting.  Children will participate in activities which support foundational skills of handwriting along with formal instruction of letter formation.  This formal instruction will include use of a handwriting workbook to practice pencil to paper writing of letters. Capital letters will be the focus.  This will be a fun and hands-on approach to learning letters! We will use natural materials from nature to support the learning.  Your child may write letters in the sand box, in the mud or clay, build letters with brick, use stick to make letters and so on.  Unfortunately, because of increased academic demands in the school setting, handwriting skills are often not a focus.  Research shows that skilled handwriting improves skills in all areas of academics.

All children ages 4-9 are welcome!  It will be important that your child be able to identify letters of the alphabet. 

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 Virtual Experience - Interactive - Fun -

Time: On your timeline.  Access for 90 days!


You will be provided 26 videos - with one UPPER case letter for each video.  Your child will discover with Ms. Lisa something in nature that starts with the letters!  The materials needed include:  Sticks, rocks, and either sand, dried rice or dirt placed in a container.   Optional:  Paper/Pencil for practice after.  

Here is an example of a PARTIAL video!  





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