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Social Narrative

If you or your child are interested in learning about what to expect at a Rainbow Tree camps here is a social story designed to preview what a day at camp may look like.

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The video above touched on the accessibility of Rainbow Tree Therapies. Definitions of accessibility and other similar terms can be explained below.
Accessibility, Inclusion, and Universal Design are related concepts that address different aspects of creating equitable and barrier-free environments for people with disabilities.

Accessibility: The design of environments, products, or services, that can be used by people with disabilities. 

(Pacific Tourism Organisation, 2020)

    Inclusion: Ensuring that people of all abilities, backgrounds, and identities are included in all aspects of society.

    Image from Find Your Rhythm Camp

      Universal Design: An approach that aims to create environments, products, and services that are usable by the broadest possible range of individuals.

      (Inclusive Playgrounds, 2019)

      Ways to improve Accessibility, Inclusion, and Universal Design:

      See the link to view a presentation on Advocacy for Children with Disabilities


      (Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, n.d.; Moore & Lynch, 2015; University of Kansas, n.d.; Woolley, 2013; World Health Organization, 2011)