• Occupational Therapy in nature! Private OT & Therapeutic Nature Camps!

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2023 at Rainbow Tree!!

Camp Dates Posted!

Camps fill quickly! Please sign up as soon as you are able to guarantee a spot for your child!


Your child will experience...

Private Occupational Therapy at Rainbow Tree Therapies

Personalized attention & collaboration to discover together why your child seems to be just out of sync! Why can't my child navigate the daily routines and activities? We will help you look at what is under the behaviors. You may be curious about why your child is so sensitive, awkward, clumsy, low energy, high energy, has poor endurance, emotional, anxious, not responsive to reward and behavioral approaches or angry. We want harmony and understanding for you. Reach out! rainbowtreeinfo@gmail.com.

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“Rainbow Tree Find Your Rhythm camp is amazing!  My daughter has gone for two years, and is excited to come back this year.  She loves everything about it!  She loves being in nature, and having fun activities that support her sensory and motor needs.  She loves playing with the other kids.  I love that there is ample adult support.  I don’t have to worry that she will be pushed to do things she isn’t ready to do just to keep up with the other kids.  The support staff are all trained professionals who work with kids in their “day jobs.”  My daughter talks about this camp all year long.  She asks at least once a week when she can go back.”  — Mom, Mary

Therapeutic Playgroup - Feb 2023

Ages 3-7 years! Great way to experience Rainbow Tree if you are new to our services! Date: Saturday Feb. 4, 2023.

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The Rainbow Tree Connection, LLC

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