The Rainbow Tree Experience

MISSION: To support the mind, body & spirit of children and families as they blaze their own trail and climb their own mountains toward growth and development, health and wellbeing, and gratitude and love within a nature based setting. 


* We value possibilities.  

* We value accessibility of nature camps for all children regardless of ability. 

* We value the outdoors as a natural space for children. 

* We value supporting children and families toward dynamics of love, joy and use of supportive tools to navigate the challenges.

*We value friendships and opportunities to build a community for children with their peers.

*We value nature as an evidence-based modality for physical development, language development and social emotional development.


* Our primary focus is to support children in not only skill development but also in becoming confident, kind and grateful human beings!

* We support a child's motor coordination, sensory processing, language development, self esteem, social skills and emotional regulation!


* We offer enrichment nature camps, consultation services and private therapy.

ENRICHMENT CAMPS IN NATURE: We offer nature camps year round but primarily in the summer for children ages 3 and up. CAMPS have different focuses from a play-based focus to a health promotion focus for teens managing stress. The camps are not considered therapy but rather providing a space to invite curiosity and motivation from peers to take risks, gain confidence and find joy of being with peers. All children welcome!


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SKIN CARE & AROMATHERAPY PRODUCTS: We also offer hand blended skincare and aromatherapy products.  Our skincare and aromatherapy products are made with high grade, organic, therapeutic ingredients. 

We invite you to come explore and experience the magic of Rainbow Tree.

Rainbow Tree is located in Hudson, Wisconsin (10 minutes East of Stillwater, MN; 10 minutes South of Somerset; 15 minutes from downtown Hudson).