• We provide OT services & peer groups in nature.

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We think outside the box (literally) when supporting children.

Since 2013, we have supported children within the natural world. We have children who started with us when they were 5 and who have continued to come into their teenage years.

We have found that nature invites curiosity and motivates children to take on new experiences. Children realize they can do hard things. Our outdoor playground combined with natural elements become important features of our therapeutic work. There is significant research to support that the natural environment supports health and well-being.

We have exceptional professional staff who are passionate about building resilient youth through engagement in thoughtfully planned meaningful activities.

We invite you to explore our group opportunities. And if you are looking for a different perspective on private individualized Occupational Therapy, please reach out to us!

Private Occupational Therapy at Rainbow Tree Therapies

We are passionate about empowering children and families to move from despair & frustration TO empowerment, belonging and joy! I remember talking to a mother on the phone desperate to understand her son and findings ways to support him. He wasn't flourishing at school. He didn't want to go to school and when he did he was often in trouble. Learning was tricky. He had a hard time writing legibly. He avoided tasks that were hard. He would often find himself in peers personal spaces. He was frustrated often. After receiving support through Rainbow Tree, the mother felt empowered as she now understood her child better which shifted to knowing how to better support him at home. In connection with nature, the child discovered internal and physical strength and awareness that he wasn't a bad kid. He was able to work on hard things in a nature space that felt safe and comfortable.

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"My relatives have noticed how much stronger and more confident my child is!

What does private therapy look like at Rainbow Tree?


“Rainbow Tree Find Your Rhythm camp is amazing!  My daughter has gone for two years, and is excited to come back this year.  She loves everything about it!  She loves being in nature, and having fun activities that support her sensory and motor needs.  She loves playing with the other kids.  I love that there is ample adult support.  I don’t have to worry that she will be pushed to do things she isn’t ready to do just to keep up with the other kids.  The support staff are all trained professionals who work with kids in their “day jobs.”  My daughter talks about this camp all year long.  She asks at least once a week when she can go back.”  — Mom, Mary

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Is your child a good fit?

We know that it can be hard to determine if your child might be a good fit for our services. If you would like to schedule a call, please complete this FORM HERE. We will contact you within the next 3-5 days!

Why therapeutic nature camps?

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Are you an OT wanting to take your skills outdoors?

The Nature Superhero Network provides direction and clarity on how OT and nature fit together.

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