Overview of Services

We believe that collaboration with nature for therapeutic outcomes makes sense.  What's even better is that evidence and research tells us this is true.  Our OT profession guides us in knowing that engagement in meaningful activity is the pathway to health and well being.  By collaborating with the natural rhythms of the Earth and sensory motor rhythms of the body, we aim to bring greater understanding, flow, joy and connection to the families we support. 

We provide a holistic lens to each child.  We don't claim to have all of the answers but we do invest all of our skills, learning and understanding to ensure that we are providing an approach that is evidence based and effective.  We are happy to refer you to another professional if we feel like we cannot support you. 

Our therapy setting does not feel like therapy.  It feels like a natural space to learn and grow.   

We serve children with and without identified need.  Perhaps you have tried other therapies like mental health therapy or OT in a clinic and did not see the success you were hoping for.  Sometimes a different context and a different approach can make all of the difference.  

  • We help caregivers and parents understand their children from a brain and body perspective, rooted in an understanding of neuroscience, sensory and motor systems, sensory integration, and development.  
  • We find rhythm together to bring increased regulation to maximize participation.
  • We help guide development and learning new skills through our ability to break down tasks and analyze the skills needed to become more independent in daily routines.  
  • We help children feel empowered to take on life's challenges. 
  • We provide a safe space where children are honored, have a sense of belonging and where they are invited to realize that they can do hard things and cultivate resilience. 

We provide:  

**If you would like us to reach out to you to set up a time to chat about your child, please complete this form and we would be happy to reach out to you! 



Testimonial: "Our son continues to talk about camp! When he comes into difficult situations like climbing a tree, learning an instrument, or playing a game, we can talk about how he was able to do hard things at camp. He pauses, breathes, and engages I positive self talk. He has been more Likely to try new things. His frustration level has lessened. We frequently look at all the pictures with MUCH joy about his friends and helpers at camp! We have noticed that he has been able to relate to other kids since attending his first week of Find Your Rhythm." 

Testimonial: "Wow! This was an excellent program! You know exactly how to meet children where they’re at and help them blossom. This is the first time that my child has really enjoyed an activity with peers. He felt very secure at RainbowTree and was willing to try new things. To see my child wave hello and goodbye to the staff was amazing! He formed connections unlike ever before. I couldn’t say enough about the Brain Boost camp! We’re already looking forward to next summer."

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Private therapy is in a one to one format with a licensed OT professional.

Testimonial: "I first discovered Lisa about three years ago, when my then 9-year-old son participated in a friendship camp. I don't even remember how I found her, but I am so grateful we did. The camp was great, but even more important was realizing I had a trusted place to turn this past spring, after my now-12-year-old's rather disastrous first year of middle school--everything from extreme exhaustion and loss of appetite, to severe ADHD and harrowing social issues, plagued my son in 6th grade. The medical professionals had tried all sorts of meds (including antidepressants for a spell) and these only made things worse. We'd also done cognitive therapy and all sorts of medical testing, which didn't turn up a root cause. With summer approaching, I knew we needed to try something different. Because I am still on the mailing list, I received an email from Rainbow Tree. That's when I remembered how much OT had helped my son, who was born with bilateral hearing loss and sensory issues, from age 2-5. Why not try it again, I thought, and with a trusted source. Lisa and her summer intern got to work immediately with a thorough assessment and plan to help my son. We saw vast improvement, from increased energy to improved appetite (and physical growth even!) throughout the summer. We also noticed a decrease in sensory issues and a boost in his mood. Things went so well, we're keeping up treatment this fall, as our son transitions to the 7th grade. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa and her team to anyone needing more support for a child or adolescent." HP, Stillwater, MN

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