About Our Products

In support of holistic and natural healing, Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC offers healing skin care products for purchase.  All the products are made with non-synthetic ingredients, free of parabens.  Only high-grade organic ingredients are used.  Dried healing herbs are infused into the liquid oils of the skin care products. The herb Calendula is known for it’s antibacterial, skin and wound healing, skin brightening and blemish control properties.  Calendula is grown organically in my garden.  All essential oils used are of therapeutic grade with many healing benefits.  You will find that the products will be delivered in tins or glass jars.  This ensures no breakdown of toxic plastic into your product.   Also a higher percentage of glass products can be re-claimed over plastic.  Products are blended in small batches to ensure high quality.  Please know that all products are created with intention to offer love and healing.  We hope you enjoy your Rainbow Tree Inspirations! ALL PROCEEDS GO TO RAINBOW TREE THERAPEUTIC CAMPS! Thank you for your support. 

**As with all skin care products, if there is an irritation or allergic reaction, please discontinue use. The information provided here does not replace consultation with your medical provider on serious skin conditions.  Shelf life will be shorter due to no preservatives/parabens in the products.