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   Lisa Haverly, Owner & Facilitator of Rainbow Tree 







Rainbow Tree is a  beautiful space, magical in its charm and invites all who are in need of connection and support. 

Rainbow Tree Therapies is place where families and children are supported along their journey of life.  Rainbow Tree originally was developed to provide therapeutic enrichment support for children but has since grown to provide opportunities for families along with providing healing skin care products.  Product sales support camp development.  Rainbow Tree acknowledges nature as a powerful tool to stimulate health and wellness.  

Rainbow Tree Therapies was developed by Occupational Therapist, Lisa Haverly, whose intention is to honor the unique spirit of each child’s development using the outdoors and nature as the natural premise for growth and development.  This holistic approach supports the child’s mind, body and spirit using an experiential and developmental learning model including a multi-sensory approach to learning and growing.  The outdoors provides an expansive opportunity for children to breathe fresh air, engage in imaginative and creative sensory rich play, find meaning while exploring and connecting to nature, develop motor oordination skills and functional speech and language skills. Children gain skills in self regulation through practice in mind, body, spirit modalities, creation of sensory tools, and being provided a safe place to become confident in being themselves.  Rainbow Tree provides animal assisted support which has shown to support children with communication, social interactions, and self regulation.   We have horses brought to camp along with other animals such as therapy dogs, goats, chickens, sheep and rabbits.   We have found animals to be a wonderful calming tool along with the sensory motor benefits as well!   

Rainbow Tree Therapies also fosters a deeper appreciation and connection to the earth and all the living things which inhabit it.  Nature provides a stress free environment where kids can express themselves freely and connect with themselves and the world around them.  All children are welcome at Rainbow Tree regardless of ability.  In fact, most of our camps have a blend of children who require more support along with children who require less.  This provides an opportunity of breeding compassion and inclusion for others.  

The staff at Rainbow Tree is passionate about supporting people with intention and a deep commitment to making a difference.  Each staff member not only brings a wealth of knowledge from their field of expertise but also additional passions outside their professional fields which adds even more richness and depth to the support provided.  

NATURE BASED PROFESSIONALS:  If you are a professional interested in or currently using nature in your service to others, please check out the Nature Superhero Network https://lisarhaverly.podia.com/. and the facebook group:  @Nature Based Occupational Therapy and Related Professions Group