Self Awareness & Yoga in the Woods Camp


Important Notice of Change:  

***Summer of 2019 - We will have two different Self Awareness/Self Care Camps.  One camp for girls and one camp for boys.  

Summer - Girls Only - Ages 10-15 years . 

Summer - Boys Only - Ages 10-15 years.   

Purpose of this Camp: 

"A camp to cultivate connection, compassion, kindness and acceptance through learning how to care for all facets of ourselves including mind, body, and spirit.   Fulfillment begins with honoring who you are as a person and nurturing yourself so that you can make a positive impact on the world around you.   Learning how to care for all facets of ourselves is vital and should start in childhood!"  by Lisa Haverly 

For both girls and boys camps there will be meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, and exploration of other sensory tools to support increased self awareness and to support a calm but alert body, mind, and spirit.  The boys and girls camp will each have specific activities that may be supportive given differences in girls and boys.    For example, the boys camp may incorporate more intense physical movement.   This camp is not meant to pigeon hole gender differences only to allow for what appears to work better for boys and girls.  This class would be supportive of children who may be experiencing anxiety, hyperactivity, sensory sensitivity, self regulation challenges and/or low self esteem.  It would also be supportive of children who have experienced trauma and need a safe space in which to connect. Campers will engage in hands on meaningful activities to support self expression and self regulation as well as utilizing natural materials to create.   Staff encourage campers to find their voice to express kindness toward themselves and others. Engaging in meaningful activities invites connection to not only oneself but other campers and nature.  In past summers, campers have engaged in naturally dyeing cotton, sewing weighted lap pads, creating essential oil wool geodes, painting worry stones, wood-burning, and imprinting leather bracelets.  Come enjoy a beautiful experience! Each child will be expected to function in a group independently. Weather permitting, all classes will be outdoors!  This class would a wonderful support as children transition back to the school environment.  We so believe that this camp is vital for this new generation of children growing up.  They need tools to manage stress and to find productive meaningful outlets to bring joy and calm. 


Fee:  $365
Time:  12:30 - 3:00 
Dates: M-F (TBD)



Fee:  $365

Time:  9-11:30 a.m. 

Dates:  M-F (TBD)

Location: Rainbow Tree Therapies 477 Perch Lake Road Hudson, WI (10 minutes East of Stillwater, MN; 10 minutes South of Somerset; 15 minutes from downtown Hudson).
Class size:  Limited to 11 Campers
Contact Lisa with questions: 1-715-205-2703 or

Please bring:  water bottle, yoga mat if you have one, and snack.

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