Find Your Rhythm Camp




    Next Level Find Your Rhythm!!  

    The focus of this evening opportunity is to support life skills in nature.  

    Campers will be asked to pack a lunch/snack/dinner but we may cook over an open flame on specific evenings.  More information to come on this! 

    Activities may include:  cooking, gardening, scavenger hunts, hiking, playing games, animal care, picking flowers, sewing, fire making, skincare & aromatherapy creations, building, drumming, singing.   Activities will be finalized after registrations are completed to ensure interests of campers are woven in! 

    Dates: June 19, July 24, and August 14th (Wednesdays) 2024

    Time:  6:00 - 8:00 p.m.  

    Location:  Rainbow Tree Therapies 
    Fee:  $234
    Contact Lisa with questions: 1-715-205-2703 or

    Click here to purchase and reserve your spot at Find Your Rhythm Camp. Please note, you will also need to complete the registration form (available at time of purchase) to complete your reservation. 


    Two Camps


    AGES 7-12 YEARS 


    Dates: June 24-June 28 2024
    Time:  9-NOON
    Location:  Rainbow Tree Therapies 
    Fee:  $499


    Contact Lisa with questions: 1-715-205-2703 or

    • This is a beneficial camp for all children! This is not only for children with identified challenges!  This is an amazing camp for all children.
    • This camp is supportive for children with mild delays in the motor coordination (gross & fine) and speech/language development but really open to any child who could benefit from a multi-sensory intensive experience that focuses on finding their internal rhythm to enhance speech, motor skills and self processing and self regulation awareness.  
    • For children who need support with learning tools to support calming the brain and body. 
    • Supported by an Occupational Therapist and two Speech and Language Pathologists. 
    • Concerns may include:  poor body awareness, poor self regulation, decreased strength, clumsy, difficulty with articulation of speech, difficulty understanding language, difficulty understanding directional concepts, difficulty with motor planning, sensory processing concerns.   
    • This camp will also introduce the foundational concepts of self regulation such as learning how to slow our bodies down to be attentive and focused.  This will occur through fun games to increase awareness.  Campers will be introduced to tools to support self regulation.  The Self Regulation camp takes it a step further to really work on when and how to use those tools.
    • This camp also explores the range of feelings to learn to identify within ourselves how we are feeling and then being able to identify that in others.
    • Activities:  creating homemade instruments to support motor and rhythm development, games to increase self awareness of activity level,  rhythmic movement and songs to encourage language and bilateral coordination, yoga, social play, play on the natural playground to support balance and strength, and art that encourages fine motor development.   
    • This camp provides animal assisted support. 

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