Social Connection Camp





Nature becomes a primary tool for navigating regulation.  We will explore how nature and the outdoors can become a lifelong tool, strategy, and support across the lifespan. 

This camps will focus on main topic areas including the following: 

Self-awareness & Emotions - Who are you?  What are your strengths? Exploring emotions and identifying emotions in ourselves.  Where and how does that emotion feel? Developing a sense of confidence and having a growth mindset to persevere.  We will explore how our thoughts can influence emotions.  Instead of "I am dumb" or "I can't", we will explore how having positive affirmations can move toward more positive experiences and perseverance. 

Self- Management - Learning ways to manage stress, big emotions, and impulse control.  

Social awareness: Understand the perspectives of others in order to empathize with them. We will play games and provide guided questioning to increase awareness of others.  We often use books to increase social awareness as well.

Relationship skills:  Learn ways to be a good listener, how to cooperate with others, and problem solve.  How to display mindful listening in conversation.  Learn ways to show kindness.

Physical Activity:  Vigorous Exercise is very support for self regulation.  This may include hiking or walking or engaging in an obstacle course through the camp sensory and motor based pieces of equipment.

Stress Management:  Mindfulness is an evidence based strategy to support being in the present moment, focusing on the here and now and tuning out distractions.  It is a tool for stress management and anxiety.  Mindful awareness in nature is about taking notice of the world around us. 

Campers will explore the topic areas through mindfulness, hands-on learning, cooperative play, role playing, stories, and group discussion.   This will be a fun way to delve into social appropriateness and social awareness! 

The final focus of these camp with details of activities is guided by the strengths and concerns of those attending the camp.  We use the registration information to guide the development of this camp for its final content.  The above information is used as a guide of what may be incorporated.  

AGES: 8-12 

DATES: July 8 - July 12, 2024

TIME: 10:00 AM - 12:00 NOON

Location:     Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC


REGISTRATION FORM - Complete once spot is secured!