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Mindfulness Meditations

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Descriptions below.   Downloading can take some time! 

The meditations each have a different focus.  For the Candle Meditation, you will need a lit candle to gaze at for this meditation. This is for teens to adults.  Please find a quiet place to participate in this candle meditation.  This meditation will provide a sense of relaxation, an opportunity to release any negative energies, and an opportunity to restore the light within.   The Moving Through the Storm meditation will take you through managing the storms of life and discovering clarity, calm and creativity as you emerge from the storm. It balances and activates the sacral chakra energy center. This is older teens to adults.  The Ignite the Light Within meditation encourages reconnection with yourself to illuminate your own light to draw focus, clarity and confidence. This is for adults.   The Garden & Hazel visualization has AUDIO and VISUAL pictures and designed for young children to adolescent age.  Great for in the car or before a big transition or after school.  This meditation could take several minutes to download!!   The Peaceful Tree meditation support in letting go of worries while resting by a supportive wise tree.  This is for ages 5 and up.  

** After purchase you will receive an email with a downloadable link to a wav file.  It may take up to 3-5 minutes to download.  All meditations combine voice and music.  On average, meditations are 10 minutes in length.