Self Awareness Camp & Retreat for ALL GIRLS: "My daughter has gone to many of the All Girl Camps and Self-Awareness Camps which have been extremely helpful in providing a supportive peer environment where she has learned skills to help manage stress (yoga, meditation, mindfulness, kindness, loving oneself, etc.). The nature component has exposed to her many new things that have expanded her interests as well. The creative environment where the girls make all natural items such as essential oils, dyeing cotton, painting worry stones have been very therapeutic. The pet therapy part of the camps have been wonderful too!"  Mom
ALL BOYS Social Connection Camp:  "My twin sons have been attending Rainbow Tree camps for the last several years. They both struggle with anxiety and have needed assistance with self-regulation through the years and they always return from camp appearing calmer and more confident. Along with feeling welcome and safe, they enjoy exploring nature and learning ways to calm themselves". Mom 
“My daughter felt like she was in an imaginary world when attending Rainbow Tree Self Care Camp.  She was enthralled with the natural environment and sensory experience.  Rainbow Tree staff develop and implement interventions that are play-based, experiential, and developmentally appropriate.   My daughter’s unique approach to the world was not only understood but valued.” — Mom, UW-Stout Instructor in School Counseling, School Psychology, and Special Education.
“My daughter asks me almost every day when she can go back to her camp at Rainbow Tree.  Before working (and playing) with Lisa and her talented team, Scarlet struggled with her confidence and some important sounds in speech.  She has gone to the Pre-K Boost-Up Camp 3 summers now, and each time she has improved by leaps and bounds.  I am amazed at the profound difference a week-long camp has made.  She loves Rainbow Tree!” –Mom, Heidi
“Rainbow Tree Find Your Rhythm camp is amazing!  My daughter has gone for two years, and is excited to come back this year.  She loves everything about it!  She loves being in nature, and having fun activities that support her sensory and motor needs.  She loves playing with the other kids.  I love that there is ample adult support.  I don’t have to worry that she will be pushed to do things she isn’t ready to do just to keep up with the other kids.  The support staff are all trained professionals who work with kids in their “day jobs.”  My daughter talks about this camp all year long.  She asks at least once a week when she can go back.”  — Mom, Mary
“Rainbow Tree Handwriting Camp was great!  There were many activities that supported pre-handwriting readiness, and also writing in many different creative ways, such as painting with water on a chalkboard.  Also fun activities like digging in the dirt for rocks with letters painted on them.  Everything was fun and turned into a game.  My daughter loved it and was excited to go back every week!”  –Mom, Mary
“Both my boys loved your pre-k Boost up camp! From all the great photos I can see that they were engaged and learning the whole time. The setting of the camp is amazing with a garden, great views, forest and more! The boys felt at ease, even though they did not want to me leave. We have saved many of the “art” projects as favorites that they will never get rid of they assure me. As a parent I enjoy the thorough briefings each day and all the great photos of the kiddos with the biggest smiles! Both boys talk all year of their wonderful memories and ask how much longer until they can go back. Each time we pass by the camp the boys explain to all those who listen “that is our camp we get to go there soon!””  — Mom, Phyllis