PEER Social Group - Fall


This group is designed for children who would benefit from a supportive space to establish and develop peer relationships.   To fully benefit from this group, it would be a good fit for children who have communication skills and can function within a small group setting.  

This group opportunity may include the following:

  • Themed content based on interests.
  • Hands-on activities related to the season and learning focus. 
  • Physical activity to support wellness and energy level.
  • Social games and activities. 
  • Self awareness and self regulation activities to facilitate awareness of emotional needs and emotional regulation. 
  • The content will pull from Interoception Curriculum to support self awareness.


  • Develop friendships
  • Increase self esteem
  • Increase interoceptive skills around bodily needs to support awareness of big emotions along with awareness of basic body needs like hunger.
  • Improve emotional regulation 
  • Develop wellness habits
  • Improve self regulation 
  • Increase resilience 
  • Provide a sense of belonging 

Baseline information through a Sensory Profile, Interest Inventory, Hopes and Dreams Goal Page will be required as part of registration into this focused group.  If there is a recent Occupational Therapy evaluation, that would also be helpful. 

The group size will be a maximum of 4 children to allow for focused time.  

Ages:  9-13 for girls and boys 

Start Date:  Monday September 25, 2023

Time:  1:00-2:30 p.m. 

Total of 8 Sessions for a total of 12 hours. 

End Date:  November 15, 2023 

Waiver accepted programming. 

FEE: $695