Chillin' with Nature Peers - Peer Group

This group is designed for children who would benefit from a supportive space to establish and develop peer relationships.  

This group will be held during the darker winter months where campfires and building resilience in the elements will be a part of the focus. We may even have fun with glow in the dark activities! 


  • Develop friendships
  • Increase self esteem
  • Overcome fears
  • Get rid of excess energy
  • Reap the health benefits of being outdoors
  • Increase interoceptive skills around bodily needs to support awareness of big emotions along with awareness of basic body needs like hunger, cold, warm. 
  • Learn survival skills in the cold temperatures such as fire making, maybe snow forts (if we have snow).
  • Increase resilience 
  • Provide a sense of belonging 

Ages: 8-13 

Start Date:  Wednesday November 29, 2023

Time:  4:05-5:15 p.m.  

Total of 5 sessions

Dates of sessions:  11/29; 12/6; 12/13 and January 10th and 17th. 

Waiver accepted programming.