Digging Deep Parent Sessions

   Are these sessions a good fit for my family?

   Answer the following questions to find out! 

  • Are you needing more support at home?
  • Are you curious as to why it is so hard to connect with your child?
  • Are you looking for strategies on how to best approach your child? 
  • Are you on the wait list for private therapy but would like to get the support started ASAP?
  • Are you in between private therapy packages and would like to focus more on home support? 
  • Have you had private therapy in the past and now a new challenge has cropped up that you want support problem solving? 

IF YOU ANSWERED YES TO ANY OF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS, then this is for you!  A big part of Rainbow Tree's mission is to support where it matters most!  Yes, direct therapy is very often needed but so is specific, directed and focused support on the home front.  

We adore seeing your children in person but recognize the challenge of having dedicated time to talk to just YOU!!  This is the opportunity I created to solve this problem!   This is also an opportunity to re-visit any home program strategies offered to you in the past and to educate more on the importance of them and to review any sticky points on their implementation!  Communication with you matters so much to us at Rainbow Tree!! 

What is the process?  

1. You must have had an OT evaluation within the past 12 months either at Rainbow Tree or from another therapy clinic.  You will need to provide to Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC prior to an phone consultation. 

2. Pick a package of 3 or 5 sessions.  You can also purchase one session to determine what your next step may be.  

3. Complete any intake forms required and provide a copy of any recent evaluations if not completed at Rainbow Tree. 

4. You decide when you need the session and schedule with Lisa.  Sessions are scheduled during the day. 

5. Packages must be used within 6 months of purchase. 

6. Package sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  

7. We may request a video recording of the challenging situation to gain more insight.  Your permission will be requested. 

8. Still not sure?!  Please email Lisa at rainbowtreeinfo@gmail.com or give a call at 715-205-2703. 

What do the packages include? 

Package of 3 or 5 Sessions includes:  

  • Devoted phone or zoom sessions one on one with you, the caregiver. 
  • Voxer communication
  • Timely email responses
  • Additional resources or tools as indicated. 

What is the outcome?

  • Increased understanding of your child with more focus on home dynamics.  
  • Increased self awareness of how you may need to show up differently for your child. 
  • Greater ease when navigating your relationship with your child. 
  • Increased number of tools in the toolbox to support self regulation, emotional regulation and overall calm and joy.