The Rainbow Tree Connection, LLC


An extension of Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC. 

Serving Young Adults ages 18-26 

Serving Minnesota (Payment Source:  out of network/out of pocket)

Serving Wisconsin (Payment Source: 1) contracted with MCO, Inclusa  2) out of pocket/network)

VISION: The Rainbow Tree Connection recognizes the need for support of young adults with developmental disabilities who are seeking to maximize their independence. The Rainbow Tree Connection is a home care agency aiming to meet this need with high value within a community of connection and support. The vision is for the consumers of The Rainbow Tree Connection to have the support needed to reach a maximum level of independence while also feeling valued, connected to community and  fulfilled as contributing members of society.

MISSION:  The Rainbow Tree Connection will deliver highly trained direct service providers to maximize the independence and desired goals of young adults ages 18-26 within their home and community environments. 

GOALS & VALUES:   We value reaching highest level of independence within daily routines and daily living skills.  We value health and wellness routines as integral to a high quality of life.  We value access to communities for the purpose of contributing and benefitting from social opportunities. 

Ideal Client:   

* Our ideal client is a young adult who requires some support to engage in activities of daily living including social engagement.  This client is not completely dependent but rather emerging in some skills.  At this time, our ideal client has minimal  challenges with intense aggressive behaviors.  This client may be emerging in skills like establishing a wellness routine (getting adequate exercise and outdoor time), preparing a simple meal, doing light household chores, and finding leisure activities at home and in the community to participate in.   

What this is NOT:  This is not considered therapy but goals will be established.   This is not a medicaid funded service at this time.   Please reach out to your social worker to determine if funding is available for you. 

How are we different?  

* The Direct Providers will be individuals who will have training and backgrounds in therapeutic support services.   This may be someone who has a degree in being a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant or Physical Therapy Assistant but with the distinction that this would not be considered therapy.  This could also be a college age professional who is actively seeking a degree in a related therapeutic field. They will be trained on how to to best facilitate engagement and meeting general goals around wellness and independence.   General goals will be discussed with caregivers.  

* We come to you and offer support to your young adult to provide high quality care. 

* You can be relieved that you found a service that has trained staff along with a business owner who will have direct oversight of the care.  

Process: . There is an application process to ensure that we are a good fit for each other.  We are taking only a few clients at this time to ensure that we are meeting the need with a foundation that affords quality care.   The application is coming soon. 

Fees:   You will be billed at the start of each month for the hours agreed upon.  Services are not provided unless the monthly fee is paid for in advance.  

Service Hours:  Service hours are during the weekday (Monday-Friday).


TWO Options:  

1a) 10 hours/week or 40 hours/month. 

1b) 10 hours/week plus a visit to Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC one time per month for planned activity for duration of 2-3 hrs. (could be one to one activity or group - to be determined).  Example:  interact with animals, craft, drumming, art, gardening, hiking. 

2a) 15 hours/week or 60 hours/month 

2b) 15 hours/week plus a visit to Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC one time per month to participate in a planned activity that is 2-3 hours in length. (could be one to one activity or group - to be determined).  Example:  interact with animals, craft, drumming, art, gardening, hiking. 

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