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Two spots left for Self Care Camp II

Hello families! Self Care Camp II is fast approaching and I have just 2 spots left for this camp.  This camp will support self regulation including exploring emotions while engaging in activities that support calming the nervous system, exercises that support integration of the brain, activities that encourage social skill development.  This camp will provide a space where your child will feel safe, confident, and cared for.   Campers will become mindful of nature as it changes through the seasons as well as mindful on how to use deep breathing to support big emotions, and will gain insight on how...

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Flight, Fright or Flight

I have been learning so much lately on the fight or flight or fright response that our nervous system goes into when under significant stress.  It is fascinating how protective our systems become to any perceived or real threat.  The processes and interactions within the body systems during times of stress are fascinating.  I have also learned the long term effects of overworked adrenals.   Toxic levels of cortisol can be detrimental to our health. For some of the children who I get the pleasure to know and care about, those perceived threats to the system, can create such havoc...

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