What is Rainbow Tree Therapies?

The dream behind Rainbow Tree is to provide a therapeutic space where the focus is on purposeful and meaningful engagement in activities and in a setting that invites curiosity and motivates a child to learn and grow.   Play is meaningful.  Connection with the natural world is vital.  Connection with others who believe all things are possible is a gift.   The staff at Rainbow Tree is continually inspired by children who want to share in the joys of exploring the natural world and the joys of self discovery.   Rainbow Tree is honored to provide an opportunity for children to discover their true magic and awesomeness within.   The team of therapists provide the just right challenge to promote the next step in development.   This will be our 5th season of witnessing children flourish in mind, body, and spirit!  We are grateful to the campers and their families who join us each summer and look forward to meeting new faces!    Thank you to all who support us.    We hope to see you!    Love and Peace, Lisa

If you are interested in supporting Rainbow Tree camps but are unable to volunteer, please click the link below to make a donation or contribution for continued development of the natural playground and programs at Rainbow Tree:  DONATE HERE   We are grateful for your support as we strive to provide the highest quality of therapeutic camps.  

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