May 2020 Updates

Hello Dear Rainbow Tree Supporters and Families, 

It is challenging times we are living in right now.  It is difficult to plan for the future when the tomorrows seem to be unpredictable.   With that said, pivot plans have been in the works and alas, I have come up with a plan to forge ahead with a few Rainbow Tree opportunities.    LINK to recent newsletter:

I have learned a few things since this safer at home.  I have learned that resilience comes in handy along with flexibility.   I have also learned the ever need for compassion and kindness.  We are all navigating the experience the best we can.   I have tried hard to not allow fear to be my guide but rather have tried to make practical and educated decisions for my health and the health of others.  I am grateful to my family for their steadfast support as I look to them for reassurance and a sounding board to cope with big feelings that creep in.    I hope you have found ways to cope with the uncertainties and the challenges that this pandemic has thrown at us.   My roadmap has been to be ok with the ups and downs....I gravitate between gratitude and grief some days.  Grateful for this opportunity of reflection and added time with my boys while grieving the routine, the direct contact with friends and children that I serve along with the freedom to see my parents and sisters when I want to.  As I work to create a new sense of normal, I remember and share this quote:  

We must accept infinite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. 
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wishing you all good things with hope, 

Lisa Haverly 

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