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Here is a 5 day curriculum camp that focuses on Social Skill Awareness and application through engagement in nature based and social activities.  Purchase of this camp includes the Nature Based Scale of Emotional Regulation FOR 50% OFF UPON PURCHASE! 


We often try to teach social awareness and social skills without the opportunity to generalize those skills or use them in real life situations under the support of professionals.   Nature is considered a natural environment for children.  It is also non-threatening and stress free.  Often times, children who are working on social skills are trying to do so within environments that are challenging for them or create stress for them.  And often times those skills are not taught with peers.   This stress diminishes the chances of them retaining those skills introduced.  This camp creates an opportunity to engage in hands on activities chosen to be motivating and engaging within a calm environment and with peers.  Being supported by professionals is the added bonus where facilitation of skills can happen in the moment that matters. 

What you will get:

* Detailed day of activities with materials needed and instruction . 

* An amazing opportunity for children 8-12 years

* Printables to use during camp.

* Scripts of how to introduce topics and guide campers. 

* Alternate activities options. 

* All my experience and passion wrapped up into this curriculum. Proven success.

* Time saver. No planning or creating.  This value is high! 

* A cash based option using your professional skills.  This can work for brick and mortar too!  

* Nature Based Scale of Emotional Regulation - Printable 50% OFF WITH PURCHASE!

Need more information on how to host a camp - Lisa Haverly has a webinar!  Email her at 


Day 1 Self-awareness & Emotions

Day 2  Self-Management

Day  3 Self- Management Continued

Day 4 Social awareness

Day 5 Relationship skills