Rainbow Connection Camp:  Parent/Teen, Teen or Adult
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Rainbow Connection Camp: Parent/Teen, Teen or Adult

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Please see drop down box for preference.  $280 Parent/Teen OR $185 Adult or TEEN (Middle or High School or College) only $150

**There is currently no date for this camp.  If interested please inquire. 

 Location:  Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC 

Parent/Teen combination, teens or adults are welcome to join this camp!  

This camp would be a good fit for you if you are looking for alternative ways to support overall wellness.   Sometimes we have times of imbalance or times when we need clarity or grounding to help us focus, make decisions, manage transitions or change, and manage stress.  This camp will support you in learning how to tune into that imbalance and what steps you can take to move toward improved connection between the mind, body and spirit.  This is also a wonderful opportunity for the parent and child to designate time for connection and mutual wellness.  If you are off to college or even in college, then this would be a wonderful camp for you as well.  Campers will enjoy taking home a variety of tools.  Some tools will be made during sessions.   

This camp will review energy centers of the body called chakras.  The goal will be to support each person in learning how to maintain the flow of energy throughout the body for mind, body, spirit wellness.  A chakra is a center of energy. It originates from Sanskrit and literally means “wheel”.  There are 7 vortexes of spinning energy or chakras that interact with various physiological and neurological systems in the body. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency that is depicted through a specific color.   

This camp would of course not replace consultation with a medical provider about specific concerns or conditions regarding your health.  

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