Nature Scale of Emotional Regulation for parents & therapists
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Nature Scale of Emotional Regulation for parents & therapists

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Amongst the COVID19 outbreak, Rainbow Tree is offering this powerful strategy to support families and children who may need extra support with managing emotions and self regulation during this homebound time!  Discount provided at checkout!  

** If you are a parent, your purchase includes one 30 minute coaching call on how to best implement the nature scale and one follow up contact either a 15 minute call or via email support.  

This a great tool that offers common language and a way to manage all of life's storms!!  This is a self regulation tool using a metaphor of weather patterns to represent emotional states.  It is a very useful tool to support families and pediatric therapists in bringing common language to supporting the storms of life while learning tools and strategies to support moving toward a sunny day of calm, flexible, focused and joyful disposition.   Many suggestions are provided using a variety of nature based ideas and sensory tools.  My hope is that this is family friendly and easily workable throughout the day.  We experience a range of emotions and that is what makes us human.   A rainbow is included as a weather pattern bringing hope following a storm. Hope is brought forth with another support person who offers a loving and compassionate presence.  There is a wealth of information and strategies to support in your home, school or any pediatric setting.  

* This document is 9 pages long.  Upon purchase, you will receive a digital download.  What you get:  1) Printables to implement the scale.  2) Common language and a detailed description on how to implement the emotional regulation scale.  3) Many strategies including nature based ideas and specific use of tools related to the sensory systems. 4) This is a very useful for parents who have children with sensory processing needs.   

*Thank you for sharing and using this to support children with emotional regulation challenges!!  

*. This information is copyrighted and is not to be copied or sold to others under any circumstances.  Thank you for respecting the work that went into preparing this resource. 

* Are you a therapist wanting to pair this scale with a camp curriculum?  Please see the camp curriculums that Lisa has put together to make it as easy as possible for you to create therapeutic camps where you live.  


This is best used for children between the ages of 3 and 12.

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