Mentorship OR Coaching for the OT Professional
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Mentorship OR Coaching for the OT Professional

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Coaching Services 

** Coaching services provided over the phone.  This can be for the Professional or Caregiver 

Who is it for?  

Coaching services are provided for those individuals feeling any of the following:

  • Feeling stuck and no direction
  • Needing a career change but not sure where to start
  • Experiencing a life change and now need to pivot toward a new start
  • Needing change but not sure how
  • Needing a way to re-evaluate strengths and values
  • Needing support to create a vision and clear path to achieve that vision
  • Needing support to move forward with confidence 
  • Needing support in recognizing the roadblocks that are getting in your way

Coaching supports you in harnessing your inner wisdom, to celebrate and move forward with your values and gifts, and to gain clarity in the path to reach your vision, your passion or your dream.  

Coaching is helping you see your own direction and own power to move forward! 

Each coaching session is individualized so you get what you need in that moment.  

You will gain:  Clarity, focus, direction, action steps and a revitalized outlook on life! 

Come join this path of self awareness to self fulfillment!!  There is no time to waste!  Get going on living a fulfilled life!


Mentorship will provide feedback, problem solving and direction toward becoming a skilled School-Based Occupational Therapist, Nature Based Occupational Therapist, Holistic OT practitioner for the pediatric client.   Questions to be answered:

  • How to begin a successful career as a School Based OT. 
  • Help me problem solve a particular scenario while working in the school setting include student challenges or professional challenges. 
  • What does being a nature based OT look like?
  • Business startup tips for creating therapeutic camps. 
  • How to successfully create a therapeutic camp for children. 
  • How to address mental health challenges through mindfulness, visualization, breath work, guided imagery, and reflection. 

Mentorships offers more solution based conversation and expert driven sharing by mentor.  




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