The Dance Between Hemispheres

This innovative exercise class is for the brain and body!   The class will incorporate dance and coordination movements influenced by different frames of reference that support integrating the hemispheres of the brain including Brain Gym, reflex integration, hip hop, mindfulness, Brain Dance, Yoga and MeMoves.    We will use props such as ribbon, balloons and bean bags.  

Specific cross-lateral exercises and balance exercises increase connections in the brain. Increasing hemispheric integration can support creativity, emotional regulation, and physical awareness.  This will support motor coordination and midline crossing as campers learn to move their bodies through space.  Hemispheric integration can support higher order learning as well.   This will be a fun way to support the brain and body!   

This class will be instructed by an Occupational Therapist.  Your child must be able to function within a group.  One to one assistance is not available.  Thank you! 


Dates:    This camp is not being offered currently.