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Startup Camp/Nature Based Documents!

* Packaged resources to include forms and detailed information and curriculum on a few of our most popular camps.  This will alleviate  you having to reinvent the wheel.  You can get started sooner on your vision and dream!    Here it is a package of documents for you to use and edit so you can get started today on creating nature based camps!  Click HERE to purchase the package of startup documents.   Please note:  You will need to download the documents into a current version of WORD for formatting to be accurate.  Downloading into a google doc would require you to make corrections and re-edit the formatting for your use.  What does the startup package include??   It includes a camp registration form, liability & consent forms, volunteer agreement form, business startup suggestions, and a documents that shares the where and how to do nature based OT therapy!    Can't wait for you to get started!!  

Click HERE to purchase the package of startup documents.

Find Your Rhythm Curriculum!  

Introductory offer! 

Here is an amazing opportunity to purchase Rainbow Tree's secret to its success!  This is our most popular and well attended camp!   I now offer two camps for Find Your Rhythm!  There is so much within this downloadable document included specific details of the timeframe, overview of the camp, activity descriptions and instructions, music options, scripts for our puppet shows and scripts for what to say!  It is all right here!  There is absolutely no need to spend hours and I mean hours developing curriculum. This camp incorporates music, use of puppets, stations with focuses on motor skills, free play, and animal assisted support if available. It is adaptable and options are provided!  Please note:  You will need to download the documents into a current version of WORD for formatting to be accurate.

Link to purchase this amazing product:  HERE.  Check out the introductory offer!!  JUST RELEASED! Don't miss this limited time offer!


All Girls Self Awareness Retreat 

ALL GIRLS MINDFULNESS RETREAT - "SOLID AS A ROCK" CURRICULUM.   This will be a detailed camp outline with scripts of what to say and details on specific activities.  It is all right here in this document.  It is preferred to have access to nature but not required to implement this camp.  There are options for indoors/outdoors. Psychosocial needs are steadily increasing in our world.  There is an increase in anxiety and depression.  Teens are left feeling alone while lacking the tools to manage life and lead with confidence. With this retreat, campers leave with recognizing the importance of tuning into body signals of stress and how to manage stress.   Campers will engage in hands on meaningful activities as a form of therapeutic self expression and awareness of not only themselves but others and the natural world.  They will engage in mindful movement practices along with understanding the importance of connection and kindness.  No need to spend hours creating!    


Please note:  You will need to download the documents into a current version of WORD for formatting to be accurate.

Occupational Therapist Mentorship Program  

Lisa Haverly will answer questions regarding how to become an effective school-based therapist or how to start a nature based holistic private practice.  Fee:  $90/hour of mentorship.  Please complete this form after purchase: 

What will you gain:

* One on one time to ask questions, receive feedback, get support and create a plan.   

* A clear vision of what you can create and accomplish. 

* Support in goal setting and ensuring you are taking action.   

* A strong foundation to begin your successful career using your OT skills to support children. 

* $90/hour or $46 for 30 minutes.

Get started with your first hour of mentoring HERE!!  

Contact Lisa with questions: 1-715-205-2703 or