Northwest Suburbs Skilled Handwriting Opportunity!

Testimonial: "My son has been attending Rainbow Tree day camps for the past 5 years. He benefits tremendously from the nature based activities and the outstanding professional staff. I feel blessed to have this amazing opportunity for my son so close to home."
Handwriting is a life skill!
Handwriting is required in all subject areas!

We recognize that parents are busy!  We recognize that it is really hard to meet all of your child's learning needs.  This is where we come in.  We would be honored to be a part of your village of support for your child. 

Your time is valuable!  We know every minute of your day matters.  It's not too often that professionals come to you!  We have recognized this need!  And now with the pandemic, we want to support families in their natural environment but still being consistent with our nature based focus!  We love backyards! 

We are Occupational Therapists with expert knowledge in brain and body development.   We use creative ways, researched evidence and neuroscience to best support handwriting skills!!  We also LOVE supporting children! 

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Rainbow Tree's handwriting experience is one of a kind.  We utilize nature as the backdrop along with using natural materials to facilitate learning and then we spend focused time with our paper and pencil.   For informal assessment and formal instruction, we utilize the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.  If your child is working on writing legibility we focus on strategies to support visual perception along with formation.  

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Tuition fee includes:  all materials, home programs if appropriate, professional knowledge, and travel to you.  Private therapy can cost between 95 and 150 per hour out of pocket so our fees are VERY reasonable.    This will be MORE than just practice.  We consider the entire body into learning!  We recognize what underlying skills are required for fluid handwriting!  We know how to best move new learning to memory!  This is a therapeutic approach to learning and improving handwriting skills.  


"Our son LOVES Rainbow Tree! He is beaming proud after each session when we talk about his accomplishments for the day. There is enough repetition to strengthen his skills, but no two days are the same. Lisa and team are the true definition compassion, kindness and support. Can't wait for another Rainbow Tree experience!"

Important details:

Unfortunately, we cannot refund for sessions missed or canceled on the same day.   We can attempt to re-schedule sessions if given 3 days notice.  However, we cannot guarantee makeup sessions because of tight scheduling. 

All sessions are paid for up front.   Available packages:  6 or 8 session packages available.  (we recommend 8 sessions)!   Sessions are one hour in length and one time per week!   

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Please contact Lisa Haverly at or give a call at 715-205-2703!