Skilled Handwriting  in the Backyard - NW Suburbs in Minnesota!
Rainbow Tree Therapies, LLC

Skilled Handwriting in the Backyard - NW Suburbs in Minnesota!

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This skilled service is for the Northwest suburbs of Minneapolis ONLY.   


One hour sessions!  We come to you!  Saves you time and money! 


"Our son LOVES Rainbow Tree! He is beaming proud after each session when we talk about his accomplishments for the day. There is enough repetition to strengthen his skills, but no two  days are the same. Lisa and team are the true definition compassion, kindness and support. Can't wait for another Rainbow Tree experience!"

Tuition fee includes:  all materials, home programs if appropriate, professional knowledge, and travel to you.  Private therapy can cost between 95 and 150 per hour out of pocket so our fees are VERY reasonable.    This will be MORE than just practice.  We consider the entire body into learning!  We recognize what underlying skills are required for fluid handwriting!  We know how to best move new learning to memory!  This is a therapeutic approach to learning and improving handwriting skills.  

See this page for additional details! (CLICK)  

Sessions are one hour in length.
Three packages to choose from!  6, 8 or 10 sessions. 

Benefits to YOU:

1.  We come to you!!!  We save you time and travel!  No headache of transporting your child.  Even if you only have a small backyard, we can make it work.  

2.  We are professionals and experts and bring so much more than just a paper and pencil to these sessions.   We understand brain development!! 

3.  Your child will have fun.  This will be engaging and meaningful! 

4.  Did I mention that we come to you!!  Do you work from home?  Let us come and provide this service for you!  Do you have other children that need your focused time?  Let us come and give extra attention to one of your children while you spend time with your other child or children!  It takes a village!!

5.  We would provide a group of two children as well.  Fees are the same - each child pays for a package.  The second child would need to be within the age range of 4-10.  A similar age (within a year or two)  is ideal as goals would likely be similar.  

6.  The cost includes the therapists time and travel to you, all materials including handwriting workbook along with practice sheets and our expert pediatric experience!  Megan Kleven is exceptional in her work with children!! 

7.  Out of pocket private therapy fees are up to $150 per hour of service!  We are coming to you AND keeping the price reasonable!  

8.  Truly- there is no other service this convenient!!!  Your time is super precious!

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